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Images Courtesy of Alma de Luce

Since its launch at Maison & Objet in Paris, this relatively young luxury furniture brand has been the toast of the town. Alma De Luce, a brand envisioned by siblings Helena and Carlos Costa both of whom are architects, derives its name from the Portuguese word ‘alma’ meaning soul and the Latin word ‘luce’ meaning light.

Staying true to their name, the brand throws the spotlight on a myriad of cultures, artistries and heritages. Helena and Carlos bring the innovative designs to life by drawing upon traditional Portuguese craftsmanship from their homeland. Crafted in walnut wood, oak wood, leather, copper, palisandro veneer, iron, stucco, corian and crystals, each object and piece of furniture narrates a tale, often deep rooted in memories and travel.

The Enxoval – an exclusive bar/drawer made of 14 cylinders – inlaid with Swarovski crystals in Amethyst hue, draws its inspiration from the crochet motifs, while the El Ba’ia consoles and counters are inspired by Helena and Carlos’ trip to Marrakech. Fascinated by the La Bahia palace, built in Arabic-Andalusian style, the duo designed the El Ba’ia furniture pieces in white lacquered wood, brass and, once again, embellished them with Swarovski crystals. Travel played muse yet again, as prayer flags in Tibet, which are often seen in monasteries, sacred places and on branches of trees, prompted the founders to craft their Lungta cabinet with tasseled accents.

The brand also lets you personalize the piece with monograms, initials, a text or even a date to make the piece more memorable. Alma De Luce has also collaborated with José Miguel, Pedro Teixeira for unique pieces. Find more décor inspiration from the Photo Gallery below.


Smitha Sadanandan