6 Reasons Why We Love Scrunchies

Photo Courtesy of Net-A-Porter

The French call them “Chouchou”, but they’re most commonly known as “scrunchies”, or better yet, “Hair Clouds”, also known as the 80’s/90’s favorite hair accessories.

These oldies-inspired hair-ties are just a tip of the “bring back the eighties” iceberg. Indeed, for the past few seasons, we’ve noticed a lot of shoulder pads, bouffant sleeves and ruffled pieces, reminiscent of the late 20th century. Although the eighties weren’t the most lovable years in terms of fashion, designers have brought back the most dominant trends of that time. Let’s take a look at Saint Laurent for instance, whose latest collection was inspired by the eighties’ figures and shapes. It was during his Spring-Summer 2018 collection that Anthony Vaccarello successfully staged a comeback full of epaulettes, feathers, frills and one-shouldered dresses.

But what we’ve come to notice is that scrunchies are not only back, but they’re back in full force – think crushed velvet, opulent colors, floral patterns and different textures. And here’s why we’re totally head over heels for them!

  1. They’re your ultimate savior should you have a bad hair day – and God knows we’ve been having them a lot. If by any chance your hair is not cooperating with you, all you have to do is tie it up in a ponytail with a big and bold scrunchie and you are golden!
  2. They can hold more hair and are hence much stronger than your average hair ties. In other words, you wouldn’t have to worry about having your scrunchie exploding into a million pieces – along with your hair. They get the job done.
  3. You can play with the color of your scrunchie so it could match your look. Who said hair accessories weren’t fun?
  4. If you don’t feel like tying up your hair straight away, you can always use your scrunchie as a bracelet! Arm candy much?
  5. They break monotony and they’re a certified way to spruce up your outfit. Our tip? Wear a metallic scrunchie with an all-black look for added effect.
  6. Finally, they don’t damage your hair. So if you change your mind at the last minute, you won’t end up looking like Chewbacca.


Cindy Menassa