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CHANEL Fine Jewelry, the Modern Art of Finesse

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Cover Photo: “Pétales de Camélia” curved ring in 18K yellow gold and one center diamond, CHANEL Fine Jewelry

Delicate yet bold, timeless yet in line with everything a contemporary woman could ever ask for, CHANEL’s fine jewelry redefines modern jewelry and therefore, makes for the perfect addition to your jewelry box. What makes the pieces so CHANEL? Here are a few hints: while some of them find inspiration in the camellia, Gabrielle Chanel’s favorite flower, others use the quilting method that makes the house’s bags so distinguished and take it to a whole new level of preciousness and sophistication.

Every collection stands out in its own way. The camellia jewelry pieces speak to those of us who seek a classic feel with a twist of modernity, while the Coco Crush collection is the pure epitome of contemporary style and audacity expressed in the subtlest of ways.

Diamonds are added to the 18-carat white, yellow or beige gold to add the right amount of sparkle to your daily look. Yes, you might think that CHANEL is a house of fashion but jewelry is also its forte and we, ladies, can’t be happier about that!

Photography: Elena & Marina Lukyanchuk

Article Written by Mirella Haddad