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Cartier’s Grain de Café, a Story of Savoir-Faire, Creativity and Naturalism

Behind the making of a jewelry piece lies a masterful combination craftsmanship and expertise and creativity. At Cartier, this equation is taken to new levels, bringing to light the masterpiece that is the Grain de Café jewel.

By linking research, movement, mastery of volume and intricate work, the bean of energy with its ebony black color is recreated in gold. After sculpting the oblong shape, the bean is striated on either side of a central rib to look like a living creation.
Adding the perfect touch to this golden coffee bean are diamonds. Relying on the intricate know-how of the craftsmen, each bean is studded at its end with a diamond that takes its solar shine to new levels.
Now that the beans are ready, they are mounted on yellow and white gold “palm tree” chains that show an unparalleled play on volume. Whether moving or not, the creations range from simple to more complex. However, they have one common factor – they all speak the language of elegance and creativity.
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