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Chapter II of Louis Vuitton’s Deep Time High Jewelry Journey

All Images Are Courtesy of Laziz Hamani

Continuing its epic journey through the millennia, spanning the birth of the planet to the beginning of life, Louis Vuitton’s Deep Time High Jewelry collection enters its second chapter, amplifying this rich tale of geological legacy, transformational beauty, and the interconnectedness of life. This voyage of Deep Time begins with geology and propels us to a time when our planet was populated by two supercontinents, Gondwana and Laurasia. As a result, Chapter II is welcoming 50 new one-of-a-kind pieces that are set across 10 themes of new interpretations and complementary designs – all narrated through the most extraordinary gemstones.  

Laurasia is now announced by exquisite yellow diamonds and contrasting metals, an Amfitheatrof signature.
Drift is inspired by seismic, apocalyptic evolutions that transform the planet.
Myriad is an embodiment of perpetual movement, where futuristic, hypnotic jewels take their cue from sinuous DNA and double-helix forms, touched with nods to key codes of the Maison.
Symbiosis is inspired by our planet’s first land-bound ecosystems, namely fungi and mycelium.
Fossils, a suite of jewels that Amfitheatrof describes as “treasures of time and place, they’re an incredible way to map our planet’s geological changes.”
Nature makes its rich and luscious mark on Deep Time with Plants, which in Chapter II takes on a more literal interpretation of verdant flora and fauna.
Skin celebrates the Umba sapphire, whose distinct pink and orange tones are paired with pink gold in modern, graphic compositions.
Exalting both structure and movement, Bones is Deep Time’s homage to the architecture of humanity, and highlights geology’s link to life and form.
Seeds is symbolic of the treasures of birth and evokes Deep Time’s embrace of nature’s beauty and evolution, welcoming in Chapter II magnificent pearls and heralding new design territory and exploration.
Exclusively set in white gold and white diamonds, Flower is a brilliant tribute to the Louis Vuitton Monogram.
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