Color Blocking-The Do’s and Don’ts

Color blocking can be a minefield. Choosing the right color combination, reversing the order, or even playfully combining a whirlpool of color dust is a lot of hard work! And frankly, we’re all bound to make mistakes when it comes to tastefully matching color-blocking garments. But have we got news for you! If you think you’re going to have trouble coming up with state-of-the-art combinations then you’re clearly wrong. Thanks to this little thing we like to call “Color wheel”, everything- and we mean everything- can be broken down to this all-mighty wheel!

And while it’s still unavoidable to make a fashion faux-pas, we know quite a few rules about this playful trend and we can’t wait to share them with you. So just relax, sit back and scroll down the page as we present you with the right ways and the wrong ways to master this trend.

First thing’s first, do consider your body proportions. If your upper part is larger than your lower part, you must allot the vibrant colors to the smaller parts as to create a constant form throughout your body (and vice versa). Leave the darker colors to hide the unwanted curves.

Don’t overdo it with accessories! Color-blocking is already flagrant as it is, you don’t need to add another layer of “Craziness” to the pile. The simpler, the better!

Do think about the overall contrast. If you’re having doubts about the coordination of the colors, then you’re doing it wrong. Just look at the color wheel and pick two opposite colors!

Whatever you do, don’t exaggerate your makeup. A simple nude look will do just fine, as to keep a fashionable balance.

If you’re afraid of color-blocking, do add a hint of black to break the ice. You could add black on your shoes, belt or whatever it is you deem right!

If your color-blocking includes patterns, then do keep your other garments very neutral and solid!

But most of all, don’t- and we can’t stress this enough- mix neon with neon! It’s disturbing and honestly, you’ll end up looking like you just came out of a Crayola box!


Cindy Menassa

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