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FRED Opens a New Chapter in the Middle East and Lands in Kuwait

Today, a new sun shines on the Middle East, as FRED sets foot in Kuwait City and opens its first boutique in this beautiful country, more specifically at Salhia Mall. After reaching Dubai in 2021, this year marks the beginning of a new chapter in the precious story that unites the renowned French jewelry brand with the region.

The Maison’s long-standing relationship with the region dates back to the times of the founding jeweler, who used to be commissioned with creating exceptional jewelry sets and precious objects for some of his prestigious Middle Eastern clients, notably the extraordinary Fontaine aux Nénuphars that required two years of work, more than three kilos of gold, 1.5 kilos of silver, jade and coral, and 143.68 carats of diamonds, and a tiara featuring the fascinating Blue Moon, a 275-carat Ceylon sapphire, that was designed for a Saudi prince in 1984 as mentioned by CEO Charles Leung.

Why in Kuwait? Mr. Leung explains that although the brand has much less activity in this country, Kuwaiti customers have shown interest in its creations in its different stores in Paris, London and Dubai, and this step allows to serve them in a better way while making a difference in the jewelry market in the region. 

The sun-filled world of FRED is perfectly embodied in the interior of the boutique, which takes its visitors on a dreamy getaway true to the spirit of the brand and to that of the French Riviera. A light stone façade and a window outlined by an arch welcomes them into the 62m2 space, as an elegant perspective effect shows a maritime horizon that gradually embraces the changing light of a sunset. Starting with the blue room, a carpet covers the floor and evokes the foam of the waves on the sand while the Riviera is brought to light through a panel that showcases the signature FRED pattern. Arriving to the second space, the visitors get to explore the Maison’s collections amidst imprints of sailboat ropes, until they reach the warm and welcoming third salon. The final space evokes an intimate boudoir bathed in the sunset seen at the entrance, which takes the form of an installation infused with chards of gold created by a mosaic artist.

In this rich space where the French Riviera meets the Middle East, Mr. Leung highlights that every moment, whether big or small, can be cherished through a piece of FRED jewelry from the collections that this boutique showcases, while also making sure to provide creations that both men and women would enjoy wearing. From the iconic Force 10 to Chance Infinie, Pretty Woman, Riviera, Par Amour and Ombre Féline – in addition to the Maison’s high jewelry – every value that FRED has cherished in its 90-year heritage is honored. As audacity, transformability and versatility set the tone to almost every marvel the brand has unveiled throughout the years, FRED jewelry addresses every modern, sporty, energetic and stylish trendsetter according to Mr. Leung, who also underlined the importance of being relevant to the present and thinking about the future to be able to keep up with the customers’ needs in term of style while cherishing the spirit of the founder.

This is not all, as FRED is also about the essence of high jewelry tailor-made pieces that speak to the Middle Eastern customers on their big occasions and on this note, Charles Leung didn’t fail to assure that when it comes to custom-designed precious pieces, the Maison, which is known for its contemporary take on jewelry, remains traditional in this matter through the creativity of Vice President Valerie Samuel in order to cater to its high-end clients.

Last but not least, Mr. Leung left a message for Kuwait, the country that welcomed FRED’s latest boutique: “We are very happy and extremely honored to be in this very interesting market. We know that Kuwait is a trendsetting market in the Middle East and Kuwaitis have a really open-minded idea about luxury and style. Through our presence, we would like to offer them an alternative for French jewelry with a big legacy and heritage. We would like to welcome everyone, from any age and from all walks of life, to discover the Riviera-inspired world of FRED, because FRED jewelry is about sharing joy.”

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