Meet Marmiz, the New Fashion Brand in the Region

Aiming to empower women, Marmiz, the new fashion brand, is launching in the region and releasing marvels for them to represent their confidence and fearlessly speak their minds. It took off with modernity, architecture, and geometry as its key elements to offer us luxury in the form of ready-to-wear creations. With modern cuts, bold lines, and touches of femininity, the first collection shows great attention to detail, especially through the suits streamlined with strong shoulders and dresses with asymmetrical cuts – to name a few. Color contrasts and signature prints highlight in turn Marmiz’s focus, which isn’t simple quality but rather a wardrobe that speaks more truly to its wearer’s character than anything else.

With the release of Marmiz, 7 February 2023 will be a date forever remembered in the world of fashion. Taking Dubai as its headquarter, the brand’s boutique can also be found online at, where we can browse and shop this amazing first collection, regionally as well as globally. We will be impatiently waiting for more!

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