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Prada Marks Many “Firsts” with its ETERNAL GOLD Collection

ETERNAL GOLD is a challenge to traditions. Prada released a new collection using 100% certified recycled gold, in its true color, for the first time in the world of fine jewelry. As a new interpretation of sustainability, which has always been an essential pillar in the House, every step and incarnation of Prada’s responsible gold and diamond production chain is verifiable and traceable – also a first to be offered by a House in the world of fine jewelry and luxury fashion, especially that traceability of diamond origins was expanded to all stone sizes.

All these firsts among others not only marked a ground-breaking new step for fine jewelry but also led to the release of new creations that reflect timeless traditions, and the values and concerns of the modern world echoing the eternal feel at every turn. And with the Prada triangle at the core of the collection, everything perfectly came together.      

The House pushed the boundaries, speaking through its marvels the language of the future as they are passed over from generation to another, to stand the test of time – simply, eternal. Check the campaign in the Photo Gallery to celebrate exceptional personalities, whose creativity truly stands outside of time, with Prada, Amanda Gorman, Maya Hawke, and Somi Jeon captured by the lens of David Sims, and under creative direction of Ferdinando Verderi.

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