Tony Ward Couture’s Take on Corona

Tony Ward Couture launched a competition for the rising designers, filmmakers and artists who had to imagine Fashion after the Corona crisis is over. Under the name “Reinventing Fashion in the Time of Corona”, the competition had one goal: discovering the opportunity lying behind the crisis that will help us grow and reinvent ourselves.

No confinement was able to restrict the students’ imagination. Over 60 of them from different countries participated, and the “Jury Prize” was awarded to Hala Taher, an Architecture & Design student at the American University of Beirut. She designed creative garments for social distancing while staying true to Tony Ward’s brand aesthetics.

As for the “Audience Prize”, the jury chose only 9 participants and their projects are displayed for the people to vote for the one they prefer until later today at midnight. Different prizes will be given to the winners like a trip to Paris Haute Couture Week and the chance to experience the behind the scenes of the next Tony Ward fashion show, internships at Tony Ward Couture, and many more.     

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