Men and Women Celebrating the New Year in Style…

Big events such as the New Year Eve call for special outfits.

Cover Photo Courtesy of Farfetch

Big events such as the New Year Eve call for special outfits. And regardless of whether you’re a man or a woman, you must be searching for the perfect look to welcome this new chapter in style. We know that staying on the top of your fashion game is far, far away from being an easy task and luckily for you, we’ve got your back.

When it comes to a fancy soirée such as this one, you should be thinking of something extravagant that makes it even more special. So, ladies and gentlemen, without any further ado, join us in the Photo Gallery to scroll through some looks that we’re carefully curated in order to inspire you!

Article Written by Mirella Haddad 

<div style=text-align:center><strong>Look 1 for Her</strong><br /> <strong>Burberry</strong> dress<br /> <strong>Dolce & Gabbana</strong> leather jacket<br /> <strong>Gianvito Rossi</strong> slingbacks<br /> <strong>Maison Michel</strong> scrunchie<br /> <strong>Van Cleef & Arpels</strong> Perlée Diamonds earrings<br /> <strong>Chopard</strong> Happy Diamonds Planet bracelet<br /> <strong>Burberry</strong> bag</div>

Look 1 for Her
Burberry dress
Dolce & Gabbana leather jacket
Gianvito Rossi slingbacks
Maison Michel scrunchie
Van Cleef & Arpels Perlée Diamonds earrings
Chopard Happy Diamonds Planet bracelet
Burberry bag

<div style=text-align:center><strong>Look 2 for Him<br />
Dior</strong> chinos<br /> <strong>Dior</strong> turtleneck<br /> <strong>Dior</strong> patent blouson<br /> <strong>Valentino</strong> sneakers<br /> <strong>FRED</strong> Force 10 Winch chain<br /> <strong>FRED</strong> Force 10 XL bracelet<br /> <strong>Valentino</strong> crossbody bag</div>

Look 2 for Him
Dior turtleneck
Dior patent blouson
Valentino sneakers
FRED Force 10 Winch chain
FRED Force 10 XL bracelet
Valentino crossbody bag

<div style=text-align:center><strong>Look 3 for Her</strong><br /> <strong>Giorgio Armani</strong> velvet trousers<br /> <strong>Tom Ford</strong> shirt<br /> <strong>Giorgio Armani</strong> blazer<br /> <strong>Roger Vivier</strong> pumps<br /> <strong>Chopard</strong> L'Heure du Diamant earrings<br /> <strong>Chopard</strong> L'Heure du Diamant watch<br /> <strong>Roger Vivier</strong> clutch</div>

Look 3 for Her
Giorgio Armani velvet trousers
Tom Ford shirt
Giorgio Armani blazer
Roger Vivier pumps
Chopard L'Heure du Diamant earrings
Chopard L'Heure du Diamant watch
Roger Vivier clutch

<div style=text-align:center><strong>Look 4 for Him</strong><br /> <strong>Tom Ford</strong> trousers<br /> <strong>Dunhill</strong> turtleneck<br /> <span style=color:#A9A9A9><em>Via</em></span><br /> <strong>Tom Ford</strong> belt<br /> <strong>Tom Ford</strong> jacket<br /> <strong>Gianvito Rossi</strong> boots<br /> <strong>Bulgari</strong> B.zero1 ring<br /> <strong>Audemars Piguet</strong> Royal Oak Selfwinding Flying Tourbillon watch</div>

Look 4 for Him
Tom Ford trousers
Dunhill turtleneck
Tom Ford belt
Tom Ford jacket
Gianvito Rossi boots
Bulgari B.zero1 ring
Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Selfwinding Flying Tourbillon watch

<div style=text-align:center><strong>Look 5 for Her</strong><br /> <strong>Dior</strong> shorts<br /> <strong>Louis Vuitton</strong> crop top<br /> <strong>Weekend Max Mara</strong> velvet blazer<br /> <strong>Louis Vuitton</strong> boots<br /> <strong>CHANEL</strong> Lune ring<br /> <strong>CHANEL</strong> Lune single earring<br /> <strong>CHANEL</strong> bag</div>

Look 5 for Her
Dior shorts
Louis Vuitton crop top
Weekend Max Mara velvet blazer
Louis Vuitton boots
CHANEL Lune ring
CHANEL Lune single earring

<div style=text-align:center><strong>Look 6 for Him</strong><br /> <strong>Saint Laurent</strong> velvet pants<br /> <strong>Giorgio Armani</strong> shirt<br /> <strong>Saint Laurent</strong> blazer<br /> <strong>Saint Laurent</strong> boots<br /> <strong>Montblanc</strong> belt<br /> <span style=color:#A9A9A9><em>Via</em></span><br /> <strong>Cartier</strong> Juste un Clou cufflinks<br /> <strong>Cartier</strong> Pasha de Cartier watch</div>

Look 6 for Him
Saint Laurent velvet pants
Giorgio Armani shirt
Saint Laurent blazer
Saint Laurent boots
Montblanc belt
Cartier Juste un Clou cufflinks
Cartier Pasha de Cartier watch

<div style=text-align:center><strong>Look 7 for Her</strong><br /> <strong>Max Mara</strong> pants<br /> <span style=color:#A9A9A9><em>Via Net-a-Porter</em></span><br /> <strong>Saint Laurent</strong> high neck blouse<br /> <strong>Fendi</strong> mink fur coat<br /> <strong>Valentino</strong> pump<br /> <strong>Bulgari</strong> Serpenti Viper ring<br /> <strong>Bulgari</strong> Serpenti Tubogas watch<br /> <strong>Bulgari</strong> Fiorever earrings<br /> <strong>Bulgari</strong> clutch</div>

Look 7 for Her
Max Mara pants
Via Net-a-Porter
Saint Laurent high neck blouse
Fendi mink fur coat
Valentino pump
Bulgari Serpenti Viper ring
Bulgari Serpenti Tubogas watch
Bulgari Fiorever earrings
Bulgari clutch