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Palmiero Jewellery Design creates The Garden of Emotions

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Nature has always been a constant source of inspiration to artists and jewelers alike. Valenza-based Carlo Palmiero, designer and founder Palmiero Jewellery Design, is no exception and often gets inspired by nature and its creations. His contemporary designs, such as Four Seasons-Haiku’ collection, Canvas, Tremblant, Enchanted Forests, portray a remarkable rendition in diamonds and gemstones with a precious palette of colors. “What fascinates me the most is that jewels represent a means of expression and by preserving their charm over time, they become the object of timeless desire,” says Carlo, whose Intrecci rings and Animal motif jewels reveal his fascination for intricate design.

Most part of Carlo’s jewelry is handmade at their “modern laboratory-atelier,” especially the important designs. His signature style is all about color shades on perfectly made pavé since his foray into the world of jewellery making: trees, flowers, fishes, dragons, crocodiles and peacocks have all been brought to life by this master jeweler through his extravagantly colorful interpretations that create splendid optical illusions.

Deeply fascinated by Hollywood icons like Grace Kelly, Audrey Hepburn and Ingrid Bergman, the Italian designer brought out a line of timepieces as homage to these actresses. “I have always admired the timeless elegance of the most unforgettable cinema icons and thus inspired to create these equally timeless watches,” he says. The Cinema Collection, equipped with Swiss Quartz Movement ETA, is crafted in 18kt white gold and set with diamonds and sapphires. “It is probable that we will add more pieces to the collection, as there are still great actresses to pay homage to,” he adds.

Palmiero Jewellery Design recently unveiled their newest collection at Vicenza. Nature and floral motifs, once again, take centre-stage in The Garden of Emotions – a joyful collection that celebrates blossoms, wherein Roseto, Wildflowers, Floral Treasures and Winged Flowers are embellished with a rich sprinkling of pavéd gems. Interestingly, the Wildflower rings with gem encrusted petal motifs feature briolette-cuts sapphires. “I have been using them for quite a long time, anticipating the contemporary trend,” says the visionary jeweler.


Smitha Sadanandan