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Beautiful Secrets

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Cube Ring- Surprise Me collection, AlessioBoschi

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Marquise Fleur de Lys Orb Double Ring, Dionea Orcini (also available at Plukka)

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Reveal Ring, Glenn Spiro

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Lotus Ring, Forevermark and Kirtilal Jewellers (India)

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Magpie Ring, Theo Fennell

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Orchid Ring-Waltz of the Flowers, Sybarite

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Palazzo Casanova Ring, AlessioBoschi

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Secrets and Lights Ring, Piaget   

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Merry Go-Round Ring, Sybarite

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Underwater Opening Ring, Theo Fennell

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Photo Courtesy of Piaget

Hidden details and little secrets in jewelry have always fascinated us. It would seem that secret jewels, especially rings, gained immense popularity during the medieval times. Favored by the aristocracy, jewels and rings with well-concealed chambers were craftily designed to hold poison and spells. Very often, the poison made its way into the food and drinks of enemies. As time passed by, these hidden chambers in rings were used to hold the hair of the deceased and even photographs, observes Jessica Wyndham, Head of Sotheby’s London Jewellery sales.

Luxury jewelry brand Piaget, independent designers like Glenn Spiro, Theo Fennell, Alessio Boschi, Sybarite and Dionea Orcini have stunning secret rings in their creative arsenal. Other designs that caught our eye are from Theo Fennell’s studio – the Paraiba tourmaline anddiamond Underwater Opening Ring and Magpie Ring. “I think, if you have a love of bravura craftsmanship and want your designs to give pleasure for generations, and not just be a whim of fashion, you want to make things that have many layers of beauty, fascination and meaning,” adds Theo. 

Sybarite’s Waltz of the Flowers rings, with hidden messages and a tiny ladybird motif, feature a ballerina on top of aswirling sapphire glass. Each ring also stands on a coin that flips, exemplifyingthe Chinese tradition –“flip a coin to flip your luck.” Founder and Creative Director Margarita Prykhodko’s earlier stunner, the Merry Go-Round ring, has a cleverly designed carousel that revolves.

Go ahead and buy a secret ring for your jewelry collection.

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