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Celebrating Life's Moments Through Generations with Tiffany Jewels

Timeless, cherished and handed down from a generation to another… This is the journey of every Tiffany jewelry piece. For decades, the jewelry House has written thousands of stories and continues to bring out special emotions in every individual who receives the Tiffany Blue Box in which sits an iconic jewelry piece that is about to embark on a special journey.

From the T by Tiffany to Lock, HardWear and Knot, the jewels that stand as a testament of endless creativity bear the Maison’s core values and are intended to carry a story of strong bonds and feelings throughout generations. Transcending time,

they are an embodiment of memories and family heritage, a tangible link to the past, connecting loved ones through shared traditions and cherished moments as they gain a layer of meaning with every passing year, a reminder of the bonds that unite families across time, and of course, a treasured possession for the future.


Location: Lama Al Akeel’s residence – Jeddah

Talents: Lama Al Akeel and her mother Chirine

Videographer: Miled Daher

Stylist: Aljouhara Almoamar

Hair & Makeup: “Polish” team


- Mother and Daughter full looks from designer Nora Al Shaikh

- Malli white dress for daughter and black dress for mother from Cugini Boutique – Jeddah

- Black jumpsuit by Kristina Fidelskaya 

Article Written by Mirella Haddad