Fashionably Modest – The Kaftan Edition

Cover Photo Courtesy of Lanvin

Wearing kaftans during the Holy Month of Ramadan has a different taste. Even if we might wear these beauties on a daily basis, this time of the year makes it even more special. And since they come in different cuts, colors, prints and designs, we can style them in endless ways whether we’re looking for a toned-down look or something more elegant. However, since our calendars burst with events during this special time as we gather with friends and families, we will need all they have to offer. Add the right accessories from the scarf to the shoes and bag, and off you go!

Long, short, embroidered, plain, with fringes, denim… the variety kaftans offer is one of the things we will forever cherish. And since we always have your back with the needed inspiration, we gathered a selection of different styles for you in our Photo Gallery. Check it out and no, no need to thank us!

Article Written by Gabrielle El Kosseifi

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