How to Perfectly Mix-and-Match Colors

The art of mixing and matching colors is one of great brilliance, both on an aesthetic and on a fashionable level. We usually take the safer bet and opt for basic colors, think black and white attires. Sure, you’ve sometimes thought of drifting away from these basic tones and you’ve even went as far as taking the leap of faith by getting yourself some colorful items, but for some reason, it had never seemed to seal the deal!

Well ladies, you needn’t worry, the process is not fairly simple. There are loads of ways to spruce up your outfit- color wise- but none quite as powerful as mingling shades and tones together. Here are a few of our guideline:

  1. Always go back to the color wheel, always! Let this be your fashion sanctuary, as to ultimately find and perfectly put them together. In the color dictionary, complementary colors allude to opposite colors – yes, opposites do attract! So just position your wheel accordingly and choose two colors that are exactly on the other side of the center of the wheel!
  2. Get inspired from a pattern and then divide its colors unto your whole outfit. That way, you’ll have a solid base which will serve as a conductor for your entire look.
  3. Use monochromatic colors to create ombré shades if you want to stay on the down-low. Meaning, pick one color and just opt for varying degrees of the same tone. The result? Nothing less than a picture-perfect outfit.
  4. Channel you inner fashionista by mixing light shades with dark shades, as to create some sort of color-conflict or color-blocking. A certified way to get yourself noticed!


Cindy Menassa



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