Stella McCartney Plans a Sustainable Future for Fashion at COP28 and Beyond

In line with her delegation to COP28, conscious luxury pioneer Stella McCartney is holding a sustainable innovation exhibit up until December 12 entitled “Stella McCartney Sustainable Market: Innovating Tomorrow’s Solutions” to inspire and educate on the possibilities of current cutting-edge or soon-to-be-available technologies. This is not all, as the designer and her team are engaging in talks throughout this UN Climate Conference – representing through them the fashion industry and the direction it’s taking.

Three goals are the focus of Stella’s delegation: advocating for policy and regulatory change to incentivize sustainable business and the decarbonization of the industry; continuing a decades-long mission built around human and animal protection and welfare; and building a coalition of global government and business leaders to support and scale investment in a wide range of material and process innovations.

In addition, Stella has unveiled a list of new announcements and commitments, including strategic partnerships with Mango Materials and Air Carbon to develop new innovations and materials from GHG emissions and the launch of a new innovation campaign with PETA to emphasize alternative and innovative materials for leathers, furs, feathers and fills – to name a few.

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