The Dior and Otani Workshop Capsule Introduces the Elegant Green Monster

All Images Are Courtesy of Sky

The Dior and Otani Workshop capsule from the Dior Men’s Spring 2024 collection by Kim Jones became available this January in Dior boutiques ready to add charm to every man’s look. These exceptional creations were dreamed up in collaboration with the Japanese artist of the same name, an eminent and singular figure in contemporary art. The resulting pieces burst with a joyful energy punctuated by a small green monster, conceived by the famous sculptor and named Tanilla after Otani. This irresistible creature flourishes in an oversized version on refined sweaters and subtly unfurls on short-sleeved t-shirts or bombers, evoking the smart-casual spirit of the Dior Spring 2024 line as well as on the new tennis shoes B33. Leaving its traces in vibrant shades like burgundy and pink, the symbol also adorns a stylized adaptation of the “DIOR˝ logo, embellishing hooded sweatshirts and pouches with functional shoulder straps.

In short, Dior managed once again to turn imagination into reality with amazing releases.

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