Dress for a Special Occasion, the Right Way!

No matter how fun could dressing for a special occasion be, this task remains a bit confusing in terms of how to achieve it the right way.

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No matter how fun could dressing for a special occasion be, this task remains a bit confusing in terms of how to achieve it the right way. No matter how stylish you are, there’s always room for mistakes and to avoid that, we will be providing you with some helpful tips. However, ladies, before we get you ready to style a killer outfit for your next occasion, there’s one thing you should know: no matter what the dress code mentioned on the invitation is, staying true to your personal style is essential to love your outfit and perfectly pull it off while looking confident. Now, let’s get to it!

  • White Tie is the dress code for the fanciest of occasions such as a red carpet or a world-class event, and it’s the most formal of all dress codes. A perfectly tailored full-length evening gown with exquisite details is the only way to meet the requirements.
  • Black Tie revolves around formal wear – gowns for the ladies and tuxedos for the gentlemen. Traditionally the dress code for an evening wedding or gala, it’s all about dressing to impress, which explains the choice of floor-sweeping dresses, luxurious fabrics and details that include lace or beading. However here, you have the choice to go for a simpler formal dress or an elegant pantsuit. So, if you do, make sure to go all out with your choice of shoes, bag and jewelry.
  • Formal or Black-Tie Optional is a dress code that requires you to be elegant but gives you the freedom to express a bit of your personality. Thanks to its flexibility, prints and textures can be a great way for you to pack a statement.
  • Cocktail or Semi-Formal allows for a wider selection of styles and colors. That’s when you can explore shorter dress options that, if dressier, pack the statement you’re looking for, or a bold cocktail dress with puffed sleeves. And in this case, don’t forget the attitude and the chance to show off a statement pair of shoes!
  • Dressy Casual is a dress code that often applies to professional gatherings or home parties, where a floor-sweeping dress is too much. Pair a shorter dress or a look made of separates with the right accessories such as classic pumps, elegant sandals or simple ones, and you’re all set.
  • Come as you are is probably the most confusing dress code, as people tend to interpret it too much in their very own way. To pull it off, avoid an outfit that is too casual and opt for one that is put-together and cool, such as an easy poplin dress and simple sandals. Don’t forget your confidence, as it will make you feel and look great.
  • Festive is the dress code for birthdays, anniversaries and engagements, and this is where you want to explore your fabulous side. Take the occasion’s details, location and season into consideration in order to make the right choice – whether you’re into minis, midis or minimalist maxis.
  • Elegant Outdoorsy is the dress code for tropical destinations, garden parties, and waterfront locations. So, flowy silhouettes, light fabrics and nature-inspired prints are the best way to get immersed in the setting.

Article Written by Mirella Haddad